Projects of Mostostal Warszawa

Renovation and reconstruction of the training building in middle school No. 8 in Mrągowo

  • The renovation encompassed:

    • an entertainment and sports hall with an above-ground connector building with a surface of ~1,577 m² and cubic volume of ~19,957 m³, 
    • football pitch with an artificial grass surface with an area of ~2,356 m², 
    • pitches with a polyurethane surface of ~2,470 m²,
    • three-row audience ~1,000 seats, 
    • pedestrian and vehicle lanes ~ 797 m², 
    • recreation square with landscape architecture and a surface of ~ 715 m².


    • Investor:  Mrągowo Municipality
    • Contractor: Mostostal Warszawa / Polcourt
    • Implementation period: 2010-2012.
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