Projects of Mostostal Warszawa

Expansion of the PERN tank farm in Gdańsk

In the scope of the agreement, the consortium is to execute double shell storage tanks equipped with a steel-welded floating roof. The tanks will be provided with control of tank bottoms, protection against uncontrolled spill and contamination of drinking water resources, hydrocarbon leak detectors, flame detectors. It will be also equipped with tank level, density and temperature monitoring system as well as floating roof monitoring system. Apart from construction and assembly of tanks, the task entails developing the accompanying infrastructure.

The consortium comprised of Mostostalu Płock and Mostostala Warszawa is to construct tanks no. 19 and 20 for the storage of crude oil. In addition to the expansion, the PERN fuel base in Gdańsk its capacity will increase from 900 thousand cubic metres to 1.1 million cubic meters.   

Ordering party: PERN
General contractor: Mostostal Płock (leader) / Mostostal Warszawa (partner)
Net contract value: PLN 142.95 million 
Term of realisation: within 25 months

Basic dimensions of the tanks no. 19 and no. 20:

  • nominal/actual capacity: 100 000 m3/113 228 m3
  • tank diameter: 84,2 m 
  • tank height: 22,526 m
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