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Mostostal Warszawa Capital Group possesses extensive equipment and technical facilities along with its own production facilities with technologically advanced equipment – it also has a modern and certified research laboratory. The group’s advantage is a design office specialising in the creation of automation and control systems for technological processes and facilities. The Group also performs orders related to the execution of various steel structures. 

Central Laboratory of Mostostal Warszawa

and concrete mixes
Concrete and concrete mixes  /  

The Laboratory is specialised in testing samples of concrete and concrete mixes, among others with respect to consistence, density, strength or absorbability:

  • testing consistence of concrete mix
  • depth of water penetration under pressure
  • density of concrete mix
  • density of cured concrete
  • frost resistance of concrete samples (F150 or others)
  • determination of absorbability of concrete samples
  • determination of compression strength of concrete samples
  • water permeability through concrete
  • execution of cubic samples for testing including curing (100x100x100)
  • execution of cubic samples for testing including curing (150x150x150)
  • air contents in the concrete mix
  • non-destructive testing of concrete strength in the structure by determination of the rebound number (Schmidt hammer)
  • measurements of adhesion and tensile strength – pull-off test

List of certified test methods.

Aggregate Testing  /  

The Laboratory is capable of carrying out determination of properties of aggregate, grading, determination of contents of impurities and other indices.

  • sieve analysis of aggregate in the “wet” and in the “dry” method
  • bulk density of aggregate
  • density of aggregate grains
  • shape of aggregate grains (Schultz callipers)
  • flow indicator of fine aggregate
  • frost resistance and absorbability of concrete
  • pH of aggregate
  • natural and optimum moisture content of aggregate
  • CBR (including swelling)
  • sand equivalent of aggregate
  • aggregate water permeability index
  • aggregate filtration coefficient based on sieve analysis
  • contents of foreign impurities in aggregate sample
  • contents of organic impurities by the colour comparison method
  • contents of crushed grains in aggregate 
  • flatness index
  • frost resistance
  • frost resistance in salt

List of certified test methods.

Soil Testing  /  

Under soil testing based on field studies or collected samples, the laboratory is capable of determining soil properties, and also identify its possible designation (maintaining appropriate requirements).

  • aerometric analysis and macroscopic analysis of the soil
  • soil sieve analysis in the “wet” and “dry” method
  • soil liquid limit by the Casagrande method
  • bulk density of soil
  • density of soil particles
  • plastic limit and liquidity index of the soil
  • passive capillarity of soil
  • pH of soil
  • natural moisture content of soil
  • optimum moisture content of the soil and maximum bulk density (Proctor) 1dm3 – 2.2 dm3
  • CBR of soil
  • soil CBR including swelling
  • soil sand equivalent
  • soil heterograding index (U)
  • soil water permeability index
  • soil compaction index (cylinder or water volumeter)
  • soil filtration coefficient
  • soil curvature index
  • contents of CaCO3 in soil sample
  • contents of foreign impurities in soil sample
  • contents of organic impurities in the soil by the colour comparison method

List of certified test methods.

and Designing of Mineral-Asphalt Mixtures
Testing and Designing of Mineral-Asphalt Mixtures  /  

The Laboratory designs and tests bituminous mixtures of appropriate parameters.

The following tests are required with respect to bituminous mixtures:

  • testing of laid paving  - thickness of courses, compaction index
  • bulk density of bituminous mixture by the B method on Marshall samples
  • density of  bituminous mixture by the A method in pycnometer
  • determination of voids in the VMA aggregate mix
  • determination of voids filled with adhesive VFB
  • determination of contents of voids in bituminous mix, Vm
  • binder drainage by the Schellenberg method
  • rutting
  • ITSR water sensitivity

List of certified test methods.


and Designing of Soil and Adhesive Mixtures
Testing and Designing of Soil and Adhesive Mixtures  /  

The laboratory designs and tests of soil and binder mixtures of appropriate parameters.

  • frost resistance for samples of z soil and binder mixtures with sample preparation
  • determination of compression strength for samples of soil and binder mixture

List of certified test methods.

Field Trips  /  

Under the research activity the Central Laboratory carries out field studies during which the following tests may be performed:

  • testing the compaction index by a dynamic probe
  • determination of load bearing and compaction by VSS method with counterweight
  • load bearing testing using a dynamic plate
  • soil compaction index (cylinder or water volumeter)

List of certified test methods.

The Central Laboratory of Mostostal Warszawa assures complex laboratory servicing of construction contracts in all civil engineering sectors. The entity has been granted certification of the Institute of Building Materials and Concrete Technologies. The certificate issued by IMBiTB confirms that the implemented quality management system in the research laboratory enables successful coping with expectations and provides to our clients a guarantee of the reliability of obtain test results. The Laboratory employs a team of specialists to care over qualitative parameters of construction materials used on construction sites of Mostostal Warszawa, assuring top quality of implementation and fulfilling specific requirements. The research premises are equipped with indispensable measurement and testing equipment. In efforts at assuring the biggest possible technological support, enhancing of effectiveness and trust building of our clients, the Laboratory keeps developing its activity to cope with new challenges.


Paweł Czerny
Chief Technologist
tel.: +48 882 340 989
email:  p.czerny@mostostal.waw.pl