Mostostal Warszawa will realize another investment for Ronson Development

This contract covers the construction of a multi-family residential building with offices and services and an underground garage, including the required access routes and roads and accompanying infrastructure. The project will be completed on land property located on Jana Kazimierza Street at the corner of Hubalczyków Street in Warsaw's Wola district. The construction is completed by Mostostal Warszawa's Northern Division. This is yet another housing development following Warsaw's "Verdisie" (also located in Wola) and "Kamienica Jeżyce" in Poznań completed by Mostostal Warszawa for Ronson Development.

„The project involves construction of housing estate of 142 apartments on eight underground storeys. On the ground floor will be 8 retail premises. To ensure the adecuate number of parking places two-level underground garage for 175 cars which will be located below building and inner courtyard was forseen in the project. The construction will start in December this year” – said Artur Soczewica, Director of Central Region Mostostal Warszawa SA. 

According to the Investor's plans, the "Espresso" housing development is a place for young and dynamic individuals. The project provides for generally accessible greenery strips fitted with benches and low-level lighting. Leisure spaces for the elders are planned next to the internal communication routes separated by green belts. The entire area will be lit with free-standing lamps and ground-level light spots. Due to sunlight conditions, a playground for children will be located in the lot's western section within the inner green belt shared by the future complex.

Investor: Ronson Espresso Sp. z oo.
General contractor: Mostostal Warszawa SA.
Value: 34,2 mln zł

Completion date: 2015 - 2017

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