Mostostal Warszawa receives the „Created in Poland Superbrands” prize awarded to strongest polish brands

"Business Superbrands" and "Created in Poland Superbrands" are prestigious awards granted by The Superbrands Ltd., an independent organization operating in over 87 countries worldwide. The organization's key objective is to promote and distinguish successful achievements of the strongest and most recognizable consumer and business brands within their categories.

The Business Superbrands Council, comprising the representatives of the key Polish business, capital market, household media, and business brand image, has concluded that the special award should be given to the brands that were created in Poland and generated an above-average image in their category, thus allowing them to compete effectively with foreign brands. This is how the "Poland Superbrands" category was created. We are pleased to announce that Mostostal Warszawa SA was awarded in the "Construction" category.  

"Mostostal Warszawa's history began nearly seven decades ago. We enjoy winning the "Created in Poland Superbrands" title in the year we commemorate 70 years of our operation. We are really proud of the fact that ever since it was founded in 1945, the Mostostal Warszawa brand has invariably been associated with top-level services, trust and recognition across the Polish market. Through all these years, we've participated in numerous ground-breaking changes occurring in Poland, starting from the company's first project – the reconstruction of the Prince Józef Poniatowski Bridge in Warsaw – and ending with contemporary projects that are often milestones for developing Polish cities. However, our brand's success is most of all about people. Over those 70 years of operation, Mostostal Warszawa has been the breeding ground of talents making significant impact on the development of Polish engineering concepts. As a company of such an extensive tradition, we still feel responsible for introducing cutting edge solutions on the Polish market. This is why we're constantly researching and paying a great deal of attention to development of innovations in the construction industry. We really appreciate the fact that our activities are visible and distinguished with this being confirmed by the "Created in Poland Superbrands" title award," said Miguel Angel Heras Llorente, Director General, Mostostal Warszawa SA.

The "Created in Poland Superbrands 2014/15" title was awarded to Mostostal Warszawa SA as a result of a consumer survey performed by an independent ARC Rynek i Opinia research institute at the request of the Superbrands organization. The survey covered over 2400 brands and 15 035 respondents. They were asked about their knowledge about brands and how much they would recommend a given brand to others. The brands of Polish origin featuring top results (in "knowledge" and "recommendation") were granted the "Created in Poland Superbrands 2014/15" title.


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