Foundation stone laid at Center for Applied Arts (CNS) in Chorzów

By the end of this year, Mostostal Warszawa will build a PLN 36-million Center for Applied Sciences in Chorzów as part of the Silesian Inter-University Center for Interdisciplinary Education and Research. On March 2 of this year, a foundation stone was laid for the project. On behalf of Mostostal Warszawa, the ceremony was attended by: Jose Angel Andres Lopez – Vice-Chairman of the Board, Alojzy Malczak – General Construction Division Manager, and Maciej Popiołek – Contract Manager.

The Silesian Inter-University Center for Interdisciplinary Education and Research is one of the most modern scientific facilities in Poland. It comprises two bodies: didactical and scientific. The third body of the complex – Center for Applied Sciences – is being erected on 75. Pułku Piechoty street. Currently under construction, the facility is being connected on the western and southern sides with Stage I complex also completed by Mostostal Warszawa between the years 2010 – 2011.

The headquarters were designed by Jerzy Gurawski's ARPA designers.

CNS was designed to include, inter alia: chemical technology and intelligent material research labs, interdisciplinary labs to work on a combination of physical, chemical and material engineering related issues. It will accommodate the most modern research equipment in this part of Europe. Medicine used in cancer therapies and new alloys with shape memory applied in artificial limbs will be tested here.

The Center for Applied Sciences is made of three units: the Northern and Eastern are educational units that include rooms for teachers and scientists, student rooms, education and research labs, and labs equipped with tables and cupboards. The communication unit includes a stairwell, an elevator shaft and utility, staff and storage rooms as well as bathrooms.

„For now, we have completed reinforced concrete related works and begun the installation works. Roofers and clinker brick facade specialists are also present at the construction site. As regards building interiors, the roofers have begun their works. All the works are as scheduled," says Maciej Popiołek, Contract Manager at Mostostal Warszawa.

The buildings' structure was made using the monolithic technology. The newly erected building's heating, cooling and hot water is generated in a single source – the absorption units. This allows solar energy to be used not only for generating hot water, but also for generating chill and for cooling the building, thus reducing operation costs. The systems are fully integrated with the current building where the same principles apply to maintain comfort.    

Total area of the facility is over 5 000 meters. The value of the project is PLN 36 million and it is co-financed by the European Union under the European Regional Development Fund. Mostostal Warszawa is the project contractor in charge of completing the multi-branch detailed design, construction of the building, including technical infrastructure and land development, and of obtaining building occupation permits on the Investor's behalf. The construction completion date is scheduled for the end of September 2015.

General facility parameters:
• Constructed area – 1460 m²
• Total area – 5072,95 m²
• Cubic capacity – 21754 m³
• Number of floors – four-storey research and education units „A” and „C”; five-storey communication unit „B”.

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