EcoGenerator – Energy in place of garbage

EcoGenerator, i.e. a thermal waste neutralization plant for Szczecin Metropolitan Area, is yet another environment protection related contract executed by Mostostal Warszawa SA. The project completed in Ostrów Grabowski (Szczecin) marks one of the most modern incineration plants across Europe capable of converting 150 000 tons of waste into energy.

A thermal waste neutralization plant for Szczecin Metropolitan Area is being erected on the Ostrów Grabowski Island of the Szczecin Harbor. It will operate under the name EcoGenerator as 150 000 tons of municipal waste burnt each year at the facility will contribute to reducing the amount of stored waste and thus protecting the natural environment. Concurrently, the facility will generate heat and electrical power. The total amount of power generated by the heat & power plant is: 7,5 MWe and 32 MWt. Power production value is estimated at: 56 000 MWh and 850 000 GJ (the amount required to provide electrical power and heat to approx. 30 000 households).  

Line I grate bar systems are ready
As regards the EcoGenerator construction site in Szczecin, the majority of the works are being completed in the boiler room where assembly of two waste incineration lines (grates, superheater and economizer boilers) is under way. The works are under overall supervision of the Environmental Protection Department of Mostostal Warszawa.

"Working conditions are not easy," says Robert Kowalski, Contract Manager. "We must coordinate operations of multiple teams, cranes, designers, and suppliers. At the same time, we are carrying out pre-assembly works," he adds.

Assembly of the boilers

Assembly of the Line I boiler is scheduled for the end of February and of Line II – for mid March. Cast-iron grate bars designed to burn waste have already been installed at the Line I grate. The dimensions of each of the two back-and-forth step grates are 4 x 11 meters. The EcoGenerator grates will incinerate a total of 20 tons of waste per hour. Thanks to the application of two boilers, the exhaust will be converted into electrical and heat energy. The load-bearing structure of the boiler hall is now 16 meters above the 0 level (and 4,5 meters below it). In February, it will reach 23 meters. Before waste gets incinerated on the grates, it will pass through a double-chamber bunker. It is a large-size tab into which waste will be dumped from trucks. The bunker will serve as a type of storage where surplus fuel will be collected for the EcoGenerator's 6-day operation – thanks to this solution, the plant will operate on a 24-hour basis, even in cases trucks fail to arrive at Ostrów Grabowski for some reason.

It will also be very important for bunker operator to crush and mix the waste so that it features proper average calorific values (approx. 10 500 kJ/kg).
„Major part of the bunker is already finished. Slanted wall, i.e. the wall on which waste will be dumped from trucks, is still under construction. Once it's been finished, it will allow the so-called "backfill" to be completed and construction of the unloading hall and office building to begin," adds Robert Kowalski, Contract Manager at Mostostal Warszawa.

Reinforcement works in the Exhaust Purification System hall will also be under way by the end of February. The workers are finishing the foundations needed to assemble the smokestack. A catch basin has also been made. In the machine room, load-bearing wall reinforcement and formwork works are under completion. At locations where slag storage will be located, foundation underlayment is already in place. The upcoming weeks involve assembly of reinforcements and pouring a foundation slab.    

Waste Neutralization Plant - a local special purpose vehicle - is in charge of the project. Mostostal Warszawa SA is the general contractor of the incineration plant. Cost of the project: PLN 711 million

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