Beam bridge of the future

At the begining of March in Technical University of Rzeszów took place seminar about designing and construction of the first composite bridge in Poland, and one of the few in Europe, which aimed to present this innovative technology to General Directorate of National Roads and Motorways.

In the meeting participated representatives of General Directorate of National Roads and Motorways: Ewa Borucka-Tomala (Director) and Tomasz Rudnicki (Deputy Director), Rzeszowski Poviat was represented by Józef Jodłowski and Marek Radion (Director of County Roads Management in Rzeszów). Prof. Tomasz Siwowski from Technical University of Rzeszów also participated in the seminar. Mostostal Warszawa was represented by Grzegorz Krzystański, Director of Department of Infrastructure and Juliusz Żach, Director of Research and Development Department.

Frist in Poland and one of the few in Europe innovative road bridge made of composite materials is being constructed as a part of Com-bridge project. It will be also one of the biggest (considering span length) road bridges of its type in the world. Consortium directed by Mostostal Warszawa in  cooperation with Technical University of Rzeszów, Technical University of Warsaw and Promost Consulting from Rzeszów is realizing this project. The contractors estimate that bridge could be exploit without additional costs for 50 to 75 years.

During seminar partners of the Com-bridge project presented objectives of innovative project which include: research of prototipe structures of the bridge (Technical University of Rzeszów), presentation of production technology and potential that brings production of constructions made of fibers reinforced polymer composites FRP, (Mostostal Warszawa), design of the FRP bridge (Promost Consulting). Then, participants visited laboratory of Technical University of Rzeszow where full-size test beam of 22 meters length manufactured by Mostostal Warszawa is and will undergo endurance test.   

„It will be slab-and-beam bridge. Light fibre reinforced concrete slab will be combined with four composite beams.  But before they were manufactured, Mostostal Warszawa made one beam for tests. The beam was placed in laboratory of Technical University of Rzeszów where it will undergo comprehensive endurance tests until is destroyed” – said Grzegorz Krzystański, Director of Department of Infrastructure Mostostal Warszawa.

The collected data will serve to verificate and validate numeric model used in bridges designing. After this stage, specialists from Mostostal Warszawa will start production of four beams which will be the main structural component of the bridge.

A demonstration composite bridge is manufactured as a part of the program „Demonstrator plus” realized by National Research and Development Centre which allocated for this project PLN 5 150 000 mln to support research and development works in a demonstration scale. Rzeszowski Poviat is the owner of the bridge cofinanced with funds from the program (bridge will be erected in Błażowa near Rzeszów). At this moment research and preparatory works are being performed (prefabrication of elements for the construction). After the completion of construction its performance parameters will be checked. All project that involve industrial research, development works and works in order to create demonstration structure started on November 2013 and is planned for completion in March 2016.          

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