Report No. 5_Information on Signing of the Annex to the Guarantee Line Agreement

The Management Board of Mostostal Warszawa S.A. ("Company") informs that on 6 February 2019, the Company concluded Annex No. 11 ("Annex") to the Contract for a Guarantee Line ("Agreement") with Credit Agricole Bank Polska.

As part of the Annex to the Agreement, the following changes were introduced:

• the period of bank guarantee availability is valid until 31 December 2019,

• the maximum validity period of bank guarantees is until:

- 30 June 2020 for tender guarantees,

- 31 December 2024 for advance payment guarantee,

- 31 December 2029 for a good performance guarantee and removal of defects and faults guarantee.

Other terms of the contract do not differ from those commonly used for this type of contracts.

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