Report No. 56_Annex No. 4 to the Agreement for the Extension of the Municipal Hospital in Krakow

The Management Board of Mostostal Warszawa SA ("Company", "Contractor") informs that 29 October 2018 the company concluded with the Specialist Municipal Hospital of Gabriel Narutowicz in Kraków ("Ordering Party") annex to the contract for "Execution of Superstructure and Extension of the Main Building of the Specialist Municipal Hospital of Gabriel Narutowicz for the Needs of Operating Rooms: Construction and Installation Work Including Purchase, Delivery and Assembly of Fixed Equipment." reported in current report no. 64/2017.

On the basis of the annex, the parties have agreed on the scope of additional works in the Main Building of G. Narutowicz Hospital, at the same time the time of completion of works covered by the contract was extended until 30 June 2019. In addition, the Parties agreed that the remuneration of the Contractor will be in the amount of PLN 26.52 million (gross).

The remaining provisions of the contract remain unchanged.

Legal basis:

Article 17 para. 1 of MAR Regulation.

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