Report No. 43 Signing Agreement for Nearly Zero-Energy Building

The Management Board of Mostostal Warszawa S.A. (the “Company”) in reference to current report No. 41/2017 of 31 July 2017 hereby notifies that yesterday the Company, acting as part of the Consortium consisting of: Mostostal Warszawa S.A. (Leader) and Acciona Construcción S.A. (Partner) signed an agreement for public procurement with the Poznań University of Technology (“Employer”) under the name: "NEARLY ZERO-ENERGY BUILDING OF THE FACULTY OF ARCHITECTURE AND THE FACULTY OF ENGINEERING MANAGEMENT OF THE POZNAŃ UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY.” Performance of the subject matter of the agreement encompasses: design work, construction work and preparation of documents necessary for the contractor’s procurement of an occupancy permit and performance and delivery of items specified in the Terms of Reference, as well as transfer of ownership of such items onto the Employer.

Completion deadline of the agreement: 18 months from the date of conclusion of the agreement.

The value of the agreement amounts to: PLN 71.9 million gross.

Payment deadline: 21 days from invoice receipt.

Guarantee period:

- 60 months for the performed subject matter of agreement, quality guarantee and statutory warranty calculating from the date of final acceptance, unless the tender documents extend the term of the quality guarantee and statutory warranty for specific installations, equipment or devices;

- for elements forming a part of the installation, equipment or devices, in case the producer provides a quality guarantee for a period longer than 60 months, the Company shall present a guarantee granted by the producer.

Performance bond: bank guarantee in the amount of 10% of the total bid price, i.e. in the amount of PLN 7.19 million. 

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