Report No.35_New Agreement Signed

The Management Board of Mostostal Warszawa S.A. (“Company”) informs that yesterday, the Company signed, with Lipowe Zacisze Sp. z o.o., an agreement for construction work in general contractor system, to implement an investment in a real property located in Pruszków at ul. Lipowa (“Investment”). The investment encompasses construction of a residential and service building at ul. Lipowa with complete infrastructure and management of the area around the building, including the transport layout, which shall consist of internal roads, pavements, green areas, a playground, elements of landscape architecture, fences and lights.

Date of completion of subject matter of the agreement: July 2019.

The value of the agreement amounts to: PLN 53.85 million + VAT.

Payment deadline: 30 days from invoice receipt.

Guarantee period:

- 10 years for the structure, including the roof;

- 10 years for the floor;

- 5 years for the parking site and access roads;

- 5 years for other work.

Performance bond: bank guarantee or insurance guarantee or amount constituting 3% of net remuneration.

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