Report No. 18_Decision on the Settlement Approval with the Olsztyn Municipality

The Management Board of Mostostal Warszawa S.A. ("Company") hereby informs that on 28 May 2019, the Company was notified on the decision of the District Court in Olsztyn, V Commercial Division dated 22 May 2019 regarding the settlement approval between the Company and the Olsztyn Municipality in regards to filed claims following agreement execution entitled "Construction of the Water Recreation and Sports Centre in Olsztyn" for the benefit of the  Olsztyn Municipality. The company claimed the reimbursement of the amount paid out of the contract due performance guarantee during the warranty period and the quality guarantee. The Olsztyn  Municipality at the hearing on 29 May 2018 (current report no. 32/2018) filed a counterclaim for payment of a total of PLN 13,560,137 in contractual penalties for late removal of defects and replacement costs for defects. As a result of the settlement, the parties withdrew their claims and the proceedings in the case were discontinued.


Legal basis:

Article 17 paragraph 1 MAR Regulation.

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