We have embed a time capsule for the CRS in Zduńska Wola!

On 16 October 2018 the "time capsule" with an erection act was embed in the future location of Recreation and Sports Center RELAKS in Zduńska Wola. The ceremony was held together with a conference dedicated to the investments.

- Mostostal Warszawa has grest experience in the construction of sports facilities, including swimming pools and aquaparks. I am glad that thanks to the investment in Zduńska Wola we will be able to show our unique competences in this area, building a long-awaited facility in Zduńska Wola - says Jacek Szymanek, Member of the Board of Mostostal Warszawa. - Our experienced staff has started the work with enthusiasm and with the certainty of its competence.

The ceremony was attended by: Piotr Niedźwiecki - President of Zduńska Wola, Grzegorz Szmyt - President of the Municipal Water Supply and Sewage Company in Zduńska Wola (the company is a investor of CRS RELAKS), Jolanta Zięba-Gzik - Deputy Marshal of the Lodzkie Voivodship, as well as directors of schools in Zduńska Wola and representatives of the local government. Mostostal Warszawa was represented by: Jacek Szymanek, Mariusz Szymański - Contract Manager, Paweł Kwiecień - Spokesman.

The ceremony of signing the erection act was held together with the conference during which Mariusz Szymański, responsible at Mostostal Warszawa for this investment, presented the organizational and technical details of the works.

CRS RELAKS will be located at Kobusiewicz st. in Zduńska Wola. The facility was designed in a way that it will meet the needs related to the practice and promotion of sport, and will be an attractive playground for the youngest residents of the city. In addition to a swimming pool measuring 25x16 m, in central part of the building will be placed a recreational trough with many attractions: a wild river, an artificial wave grotto, loungers with massages, horizontal and vertical massage, benches, an air geyser. In a separate part will be the pool with dimensions of 6x12.5 m, with movable bottom designed for multifunctional use - swimming lessons for various age groups, rehabilitation activities, workouts, etc.

The contract for the implementation of CRS RELAX was signed on 18 September 2018. The works will be carried out in a consortium led by Mostostal Warszawa, and a member - Sanell Sp. z o.o.

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