Mostostal Warszawa participates creatively in workshops with young engineers

What is the profession of a civil engineer? Where is it possible to have interesting on-the-job training and student practical training? How to design a multi-level garage in BIM? What were the biggest challenges for the general constructor of CKK Jordanki? Future engineers, who have participated in the Young Engineer’s Day found answers to those questions and many others as well. 

The successive edition of the Young Engineer’s Day was dedicated to acquiring new abilities and knowledge from construction practitioners. This time the event took place on 24 October in the Złote Tarasy facility in Warsaw. Students of civil engineering and aspiring engineers could participate in numerous workshops and lectures, as well as in sectoral consultations with suppliers of technologies and services for civil engineering.

Case study: CKK Jordanki – unique concrete architecture

Students and young engineers participated in interesting lectures. Krzysztof Mamuszka, works manager for Mostostal Warszawa, spoke to the young people about off-standard construction and revolutionary technological solutions applied during the implementation of the CKK Jordanki in Toruń. Given the irregular form of the building, numerous deflections and deviations from the centreline at each stage of construction works, use was made of models executed in the BIM technology “Execution of the facility was quite a challenge for Mostostal Warszawa and for all subcontractors and suppliers. A structure that is complex from the technical viewpoint and exceptionally labour consuming, as well as all concrete finishing elements posed several new challenges to us. Thanks to professional and well-established construction supervision team and competences of construction workers the project ended with success and today we are very proud of it – he said during the lecture.

The issues of designing and implementation of garages were discussed by professor Hanna Michalak, Head of the Chair of Designing Structures, Civil Engineering and Technical Infrastructure of the Warsaw University of Technology. On the other hand, practical advice and instructions concerning the designing of pedestrian and bike lanes were provided by Marek Pańtak, PhD from the Kraków University of Technology, Chair of Bridge and Tunnel Construction. The lecturers did not have to motivate young engineers to pose their questions, and the lectures have become an inspiration for lively discussion; as an effect, the young cadres have a lot of questions to their older colleagues. 

Echoes of the main competition

Creative workshops dedicated to designing and implementation of designs in the BIM technology were also conducted by Tomasz Duda, engineer of BIM applications, AEC DESIGN. This was a perfect opportunity to become familiar with the latest trends in the construction industry market with respect to software, which is increasingly popular among investors, designers and contractors. Future engineers could learn how to design the first bike lane or a multi-level municipal parking lot. Such exercises would certainly come in handy for the execution of tasks under the main competition, which is currently underway. Works of the participants will be evaluated by the jury, the members of which comprise among others Andrzej Goławski, Board Chairman of Mostostal Warszawa. The total value of awards is close to PLN 70 000  – so there is a lot to fight for.

Career zone with BIM

For needs of the event, a special career zone has been established, where the students were able to talk with HR representatives of partnering companies, find out more about in-service training, stage and current job offers, and even participate in a job interview. Great popularity was gained by a stand prepared by Mostostal Warszawa where thanks to the application of virtual reality and models devised in the BIM technology it was possible to have a walk over the recently commenced construction site of a building with almost a zero-energy of the Faculty of Architecture and the Faculty of Management Engineering of the Poznań Technical University. Mostostal experts – Dawid Fedko (Research and Development Department), Michał Jujka (site manager), Ania Surdek (site manager), Ania Sałata (site technical engineer), Karol Knybel (site technical engineer) – eagerly responded both to questions concerning their everyday work as well as using the BIM technology in projects implemented by them.

Interested persons could also face diverse challenges – they could solve interesting engineering tasks devised by construction site staff under the supervision of professionals. The possibility of talking to our recruiters, Anna Szewc and Patrycja Kania, allowed future engineers to verify their current qualifications and confront them with needs of the market.

Inspiring challenges

Apart from lectures abundant with interesting facts and practical advice, the workshops have also brought about solutions to accompanying mini technical competitions, which were taking place in the official FB profile of the event. One of the greatest difficulties for the future engineers was a task prepared by Krzysztof Mamuszk. The factual challenge concerning the implementation process of the CKK Jordanki attracted the interest of a large group of students willing to absorb a lot of knowledge and motivated them to think. However, no one has managed to provide correct responses to all three questions. During the lecture, our expert explained all the doubts to the students and the riddle has been solved, To show appreciation for the efforts of the participants, consolation prizes were given out, among others to Marcin Kamiński, Karol Migas, Maciej Ilko, Mateusz Perka and Jakub Żmuda.

The autumn edition of the Young Engineer’s Day proceeded in a really inspiring atmosphere. Consultations with civil engineers, interesting lectures and workshops allowed the students to attain practical abilities which will certainly come in handy in development of their professional path. The subsequent edition of DMI will already take place in March 2018. Further exciting surprises and meetings with experts may be expected. There is clearly a lot to wait for.

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