Mostostal Warszawa meeting students at job fairs

How to start a career?

During job fairs, we tried to show what it is like to work in Mostostal Warszawa. Company’s profile, as well as its projects, are easily recognised among students society. Making arrangements for these events we intend to present Mostostal Warszawa as an employer and to acquaint potential candidates with the possible ways of starting a cooperation with us such as e.g. training programs. As usual Department of Human Resources hosted a booth at fairs and provided detailed information about career paths and benefits of working in the company with over 70 years of tradition. We had strived to invite employees working in an office and at the building sites. Therefore, students could directly learn from our colleagues engaged with construction, receive practical advice about work in the sector and also to listen to inspiring histories about the company and daily work of an engineer. Knowledge, knowledge and one more time: knowledge! We focused on diversity, providing students direct contact with construction engineers, specialists, chiefs of different departments, site managers, even directors.

Fairs of knowledge

Workshops with Artur Soczewica, Director of Central Division Mostostal Warszawa who is also serving as an expert advisor for dean of Faculty of Civil Engineering and Construction at Warsaw University of Technology, enjoyed a great recognition of students. The attendants of the fairs could become familiar with career opportunities in Mostostal Warszawa aimed at graduates of construction faculties and also to learn more about our projects. Further, there was virtual tour presenting some projects executed by the company. All of this, thanks to engineers implementing BIM technology in the company. Career expo was attended by engineers working on sites. It was possible to speak with them about, for example, apartments in 100-year-old power facility, executing multistage housing estates, working for private and public investors, impressive structures that stand out technologically and architecturally. Specialists involved in tender and contract management process, as well as those responsible for implementing innovations, were also there.  Every participant could try his strength in competitions based on the typical tasks performed in the bidding process. The solution was not so easy to figure out, therefore, it is encouraging that students gave good answers. 

We finished this year’ tour through career fairs visiting SGGW during Builder’s Day on May 11th. On that day was also held 6th conference organised by students whilst future engineers could listen to the lecture regarding the record-breaking composite bridge. Lech Własak, chief specialist of research and development, spoke about this exceptional structure. What is more, a group of students from University of Life Sciences visited our team working at residential development Espresso at district Wola in Warsaw.


...meetings with students will be continued! On May 15th Mostostal Warszawa will appear at the Faculty of Power and Aeronautical Engineering at the Warsaw University of Technology (Warsaw University of Technology). Paweł Żbikowski will be having a lecture there. A day after, a team of experts of Mostostal Warszawa will be available for students during workshops Day of the Young Engineer. The agenda of the event includes specialist lecture of Kamil Wituń, chief of production technology/supervisor of production control at Mostostal Warszawa. Another interesting topics, competitions, talks about construction with professionals we’ll be waiting for students.

Thank you for the huge interest. We invite you for more!

11.05.2017 - Builder's Day at SGGW – Warsaw

Karolina Pacyna (chief specialist for tendering process), Aleksandra Chmiel (construction engineer), Lech Własak (chief specialist for research and development), Anna Szewc (HR Department)

08.05.2017 - Job Fairs – Gdańsk University of Technology

Marta Hermanowicz (head of tendering department), Jarosław Stobba (construction manager), Robert Kiezik (contract manager), Justyna Wlazło (HR Department)

005.04.2017 - Construction Job Fairs - Warsaw University of Technology, Faculty of Civil Engineering

Piotr Dymarski (chief specialist for research and development), Łukasz Pachota (construction engineer), Adrian Bałazy (BIM engineer), Artur Soczewica (director of Central Division), Justyna Wlazło, Patrycja Kania (HR Department).

05.04.2017 - Job Fairs – Krakow

Mariusz Zieliński (chief specialist for tendering process), Artur Sikora (contract director), M. Rudnik (vonstruction manager), Anna Szewc (HR Department)

28.03.2017 - Job Fairs - Poznan University of Technology

Michał Jujka (construction engineer), Patrycja Kania (HR Department)

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