Experts of Mostostal Warszawa inviting to Day of the Young Engineer!

On Tuesday, May 16th, in Złote Tarasy in Warsaw will be held an opening session of the workshops entitled Day of the Young Engineer organised as a part of the project Builder For The Young Engineers (B4YE). It is worth to approach Mostostal Warszawa that day. Experts of Mostostal Warszawa will be waiting for students at consulting points as well as in a lecture hall. There is an exciting day to come, bringing a solid amount of knowledge and number of practical tips from the best professionals.

Caring for young generation

Mostostal Warszawa is a partner of a social project aimed at the young generation of engineers. With the most important representatives of the construction industry, we allow students to know better the construction industry from the point of view of an employer and to learn directly from experienced professionals with a many years practice. We support this project with our expertise and authority. In this way, we are trying to provide students new chances for development and new possibilities to gain valuable experience. On the other hand, it is a great opportunity for them to demonstrate their expertise and to impress the potential employer, e.g. resolving technical tasks organised as a part of the program.

Eye to eye with an expert

Day of the Young Engineer, planned on May 16th in Złote Tarasy, will open series of workshops that will be organised in this edition of Builder for the Young Engineers (there will be four meeting in total). Lectures, workshops, case studies, quizzes and consultancy with representatives of partner companies will take place there. Participants of Day of the Young Engineer will be free to ask as many questions as they want to several engineers from our company. Further, representatives of HR Department will supply them all the necessary information about possibilities of employment or undergoing a training program in the company.   

The largest construction site in Europe 

We have also prepared a special lecture for students during Day of the Young Engineer. Kamil Wituń, chief of production technology/supervisor of production control at Mostostal Warszawa, will speak about concreting of the foundations for power units at the Opole Power Plant with an emphasis on the technological and logistical aspects. Our expert will share interesting facts from the most spectacular building site in Poland and valuable knowledge in the field as well as will be giving practical advice. This numbers will make students’ head spin!  

Let us remind us that...

  • the earth from excavation for the foundations of new blocks would be sufficient to fill Zegrze Reservoir (980 000 m3)
  • the amount of used steel structure is similar to the steel construction of Empire State Building in New York (65 000 tonnes)
  • the concrete would be enough to build another Pentagon (250 000 tonnes)
  • the length of the cables amounts to a distance between Warsaw and Lisbon (3 000 km)


Visiting universities

We value knowledge. We believe that it is worth to share experiences with young engineers. Therefore, we provide direct contact with skilled engineers of Mostostal Warszawa not only during Day of the Young Engineer. Recently, we offer to students of Faculty of Power and Aeronautical Engineering at the Warsaw University of Technology, a possibility to get a unique knowledge in the country about the construction of new units at Opole Power Plant. On May 15th there will be held two-hour lecture of Paweł Żbikowski, Director of Energy Division at Mostostal Warszawa. The main theme of the meeting will be the construction of the new supercritical units in Opole which our company realises in the consortium. It is a good idea to be a part of this unique meeting and to get first-hand information about flagship energy investment in Poland.

Bridge to the knowledge

Mostostal Warszawa is present over 70 years on the construction market and initiates many activities aimed at wider dissemination of engineering knowledge. We are realising this task collaborating with research and science institutions and technical universities in Poland. Social goals that we want to achieve are e.g. supporting new technologies, implementing innovations in the construction and enhancing the level of education by providing practical knowledge and supporting initiatives of technical universities. Practical knowledge and experience of our colleagues – engineers with a broad range of experience gained during technologically advanced projects are a substantial capital of our company and a great value for candidates to become engineers.

Looking forward to seeing you at the meetings with experts of Mostostal Warszawa!

More details about Builder For The Young Engineers is available on the program’s profile on Facebook. Today there will be announced task prepared by Kamil Wituń. Join it!

We also encourage you to read an article about concreting at the Opole Power Plant which was published in the Builder magazine.

Photo: Marcin Szulc Mostostal Warszawa


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